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The Digital Intercom System’s versatility makes it a great ? t, not only for high-performance interdiction craft like the MMI, but also on board a wide range of workboat vessels. Single or multi-channel programming options provide enhanced ? exibility for a virtually unlimited number of users. In addi- tion, headsets are interchangeable between wired and wire- less con? gurations to suit a wide variety of applications. – Bob Daigle, Product Manager, Systems,

David Clark Company were not lost on SAFE Boats’ designers. Rob Goley re-

Meeting the communication needs of tomorrow ports, “As a boat manufacturer, integration is everything

The digital architecture of the David Clark system is de- to us. The David Clark system was easy to setup and easy signed for maximum scalability and allows for future tech- to integrate. We had great customer support installing the nology upgrades and ancillary interfaces without the need system from the engineering team at David Clark. For the to replace system modules. The Series 9100 is an IP net- end-user, it’s very easy to operate and works when you need work-based system that provides the marine market with it, and it’s very easy to use.” Ease of set-up and use is com- a future-proof communication solution that is compatible plemented by the comfort and durability of headsets and with other digital IP networks as well as analog devices like system components that need to stand up to harsh marine two-way radios and loud hailers. environments and continuous use. Headsets include over-

So how is the system working out on the water? Later the-head and behind-the-head styles with gel/memory that morning Rob Goley put the boat through its paces foam ear seals. Quick positioning, ? ex/wire booms with at full throttle in Narragansett Bay, along with ? ve crew advanced M-2H microphones optimize noise cancellation members. Calling on his 21 years of Coast Guard experi- while enhancing speech clarity. Noise-attenuating headsets ence, Goley subjected the MMI to a variety of aggressive feature a PTT switch located on the headset boom, mak- interdiction maneuvers. The craft and its digital commu- ing it easy to ? nd and actuate in the most stressful situ- nication system performed ? awlessly. Goley concludes by ations that can occur in surf and water rescue, maritime saying, “At SAFE Boats, we’re very proud of the MMI and law enforcement, migrant and drug interdiction missions. proud of our partners that joined forces with us to develop “Many of these missions require long hours on the boat our product, especially David Clark in providing a rugged and operators need comfortable equipment that is reliable. system that works, is exceptional in its operability and pro-

That’s critical,” said Goley. vides an excellent product to our customers.”

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