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Under this network model, an uncontended CIR is like a dedi- cated lane on the freeway that can only be used by a single company, allowing the company to send any mix of cars, vans and trucks as they like. The dedicated lane is unaffected by rush hour, or activity in other lanes. In other words, and for op- erators tracking multiple assets or remotely monitoring myriad metrics from a wide array of equipment, the perfect match.

side activities offshore. By nature of the work, Oceaneer- engineering and project management. The company pro- ing’s ? eet is almost always located in hard to reach areas vides the hardware, networking and all communications making satellite communications a must. services to install and backhaul video from even the most

As a global oil? eld provider of engineered services remote locations.

and products, primarily to the offshore oil and gas in- For Oceaneering, the IoT is enabled by the use of cam- dustry, Oceaneering has a focus on deep-water applica- eras and sensors on vessels to create feedback to users on- tions. Oceaneering’s business offerings include remotely board and onshore. Traditionally, operations personnel operated vehicles (ROVs), built-to-order specialty subsea were required to monitor gauges and sensors. With the hardware, deep-water intervention and manned diving availability of the Harris CapRock satellite communica- services, non-destructive testing and inspection, as well as tions link, sensors are interconnected and monitored via

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