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LUBRICANTS “In terms of market reach, we will focus on unforgiving or sensi- tive equipment operated in unforgiving environments. That in- volves the marine industry. There you have big vessels that have to perform, going many years before changeovers, and in environ- ments where it’s unforgiving – a spill in a port, interface with the ocean, is a big problem. That can be a regulatory problem, or a brand problem, or even just a PR problem. Those two things to- gether are where we thrive – solving those types of problems.” – Mike Guggenheimer, President & CEO, RSC Bio Solutions real attraction for switching to FU-

TERRA involves a 10 to 15 percent cost savings over the competition’s

EAL’s. Some of that is rooted in the projected longer lifespan of the prod- uct – hence, the ten-year limited war- ranty – but also in the reduced main- tenance costs (and reduced need to buy replacement lubes) during that time frame. He adds, “It’s a combi- nation of initial up-front cost being favorable, the long-term durability of the product, and the value of risk mitigation; those three things. And again, depending on the ? eet, it could be a little bit of savings or it could be signi? cant savings over the life of the product.”

While RSC Bio makes some of the new product here in the United

States, a network of internationally based blenders ensures timely global distribution. Right out of the gate,

Guggenheimer knows that this will

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