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Today, Rolls-Royce predicts that

Ship Intelligence will be the next ma- jor transition for the shipping indus- try as ships become ever more com- plex. As that happens, managing high levels of data in order to operate on- board systems will be a big part of that reality. At ? rst, says Roll-Royce, this will better manage propulsion and navigation systems. Later, it could po- tentially lead to autonomous vessels.

The ? rm has put its money where its mouth is. In 2013 alone, Rolls-Royce invested £1.1 billion on research and development while at the same time supporting a global network of 31

University Technology Centers, which position Rolls-Royce engineers at the forefront of scienti? c research.

On show at the SMM 2016 show in Hamburg was the company’s pro- pulsion technology, including the new permanent magnet thruster, the latest green, high tech engines and newest Uni? ed Bridge applications.

The company also demonstrated how it is applying experience from the oil and gas sector to specialist ship design in other areas and how Ship Intelli- gence is creating smarter ships and helping customers cut costs and im- prove reliability. And, yes, they con- tinue to make a pretty good line of engines, too.

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