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Future bridge operation experience concept (oX) for tug vessels and product enhancements, and the like. But the key, in the day is coming when customers will view the process terms of managing it in real time, is distilling it down to as something more than a cost center. “There is an ele- the critical packet that ? ts within the bandwidth and that ment of that. Where we’re doing things that enhance the the person who’s receiving it is able to comprehend it and safety and facilitate remote and autonomous operation in act on it.” critical areas, it then becomes a question of the bene? t far

A growing number of operators are beginning to take outweighing the cost.” For example, one of the products advantage of ‘big data.’ In practice, that’s a function of that Rolls-Royce is working to develop involves improved bandwidth capability or reliable communications. As that situational awareness – taking all of the sensors individu- infrastructure becomes better and more reliable, more data ally and fusing them together into a picture that provides will be used and customers will be more reliant on that in- the operator – whether it’s local on the bridge or remote formation. But, cost is still an issue. Still, McFadyen thinks ashore, an enhanced view of what’s happening. McFadyen

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