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Intelligence 101 he words ‘Rolls-Royce’ can roll right off your tongue, digitalization into marine for Rolls Royce. We set ourselves and when they do, the average person in the mari- up into three product families: one around health manage- time space probably thinks ? rst of big, powerful, and ment, one around optimization and decision support, and

T environmentally-correct marine engines. That might have one around remote and autonomous operations,” he ex- rung true just two decades ago, but today, that visual doesn’t plains. And, if that doesn’t sound like the engine business, give justice to what the ? rm has evolved to become. That’s it’s because today’s Rolls-Royce aims to be so much more. also where Jay McFadyen, Rolls-Royce Senior Vice President for Ship Intelligence, comes in. In a candid interview given

S IHIP NTELLIGENCE at this year’s SMM Exposition in Hamburg, Germany, Mc-

Rolls-Royce de? nes Ship Intelligence as the practice of

Fadyen laid out for MarineNews not only what Rolls-Royce harnessing the power of big data to deliver customer solu- is up to today, but also where it is headed tomorrow.

tions in the areas of health management solutions, optimi-

This isn’t your grandfather’s marine equipment producer. zation and decision support, and remote and autonomous

McFadyen, an engineer by training, brings 27 years of aero- operation. Increasingly sophisticated ships will harness space and marine industry experience to the table in his cur- data to drive safer, more ef? cient and more cost effective rent position. “We are taking products that use the power of operations. Operating across ? ve business sectors – Civil

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