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BOATBUILDING & REPAIR – the potential for putting new life into period of time. D. Loy Stewart Jr. ex- laid-up OSV tonnage presents very plains, “It’s been fully occupied. And, real re? t opportunities as operators it’s very ef? cient. We’re really setting up struggle with Jones Act requirements an area for the smaller customers that for wind farm tonnage. To that end, don’t want to get lost in a big shipyard.”

Stewart promises, “For the wind farm service vessels, we’re a one-stop shop. THE DETYENS PROMISE

You come here, you can get everything Unlike a lot yards, most of what done; you’ll get it done as quickly and Detyens accomplishes, they do in- as cost effectively as possible. That’s for house, right on the premises. Very sure. We guarantee it.” little gets shipped out to another con-

Another area that possibly looms tractor. Stewart explains, “We’re right large for Detyens – and the global here. There’s an electric rewind shop. shipyard community at large – is the And, probably the biggest machine recent rati? cation of the IMO’s ballast shop on the East Coast is in the yard. water convention. And, while it’s any- And, we’re wide open. There are no se- one’s guess as to when the U.S. Coast crets. We don’t just want their money

Guard will approve its ? rst OEM now – we want it 10 years from now.” technology for domestic waters, it’s Tying all that together, the Detyens also no secret that ballast water equip- website lays out the simple, but ef- ment installations will likely be timed fective motto of the company: “Cus- with regular drydocking or yard visits. tomer before Company, Employee

Separately, and always looking for before Owner, Family before Self and new ways to provide service, the new Safety above All.” D. Loy Stewart. Jr.

HLB-1 drydock accommodates vessels puts it best when he says, “That’s what up to 10,000 tons, or in other words, we go by. It’s like a three-legged stool. arguably the perfect size for a myriad We’ve got employees, customers and of brown water jobs. Measuring 400 by the facility. If you don’t take care of all 82 feet between the wing walls, the new three, you don’t need the other two.” drydock has fully occupied since it was It’s a philosophy that’s worked well for put into service in April. A U.S. Coast 55 years and if D. Loy Stewart Jr. has

Guard hull and more than one research his way, Detyens Shipyards will still vessel has been serviced in a very short be at the job, long after he is gone.

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