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BOATBUILDING & REPAIR til it was discovered that the practice wasn’t allowed under work, but we kept working. Now, the last couple years, it federal law. In the end, Stewart insists, “So, to keep our em- has been a lot more volatile; not necessarily attributable to ployees healthy, we offer this. It’s virtually free.” Beyond this, any one thing,” explained Stewart, adding, “On the gov-

Detyens focuses on preventative care as well. “We’re treating ernment side – they just didn’t have anything for two or for high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes … these things three months. Now, just this last month, they had their that just weren’t being done for the worker. Now, we’re edu- whole ? eet of oilers in our shipyard.” cating and teaching. Just because you ? nished your vial of In late 2015, however, the pain on the waterfront caught medicine for diabetes doesn’t mean you don’t have it any- up, even with Detyens. For the ? rst time in 55 years, they more. You have to continue to treat. We feel that we treat were forced to let some people go. And, as painful as that our employees right and that if we take care of them, they decision was, the yard is now back at full strength, working will take care of us, just like our customers.” consistently. Aside from the three MSC TAO’s only recent- ly completed, Detyens has performed work on ? ve vessels

UPS AND DOWNS for one German containership ? rm in just this year alone.

The nature of repair work is anything but certain. That Locally, a dredging ? rm, Marinex Construction, has also said; while the oil crunch barely impacted the Detyens sent a lot of business, as well.

bottom line, the inconsistent and irregular nature of the On the horizon, other opportunities are also on the government work did. “We didn’t see an issue with it (oil). Detyens radar. As the domestic offshore wind business ? -

Sure, maybe some ships put off some of the conversion nally comes to life – especially here on the U.S. East Coast

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