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more desirable than the hydraulics normally used in such structure on deck. The motors are deeply integrated with the power management system, which in turn is fully con- nected to the power generation systems on board – the engines and or batteries. This, says Tati, opens up a very interesting possibility. “We can make power on board,” he says. “The electric motors can harness the energy of the vessel and mechani- cal movements to create ‘free’ energy for hybrid or even fully electric power con? gurations, which are now becom- ing more viable due to less expensive batteries and more sophisticated power management. We’re not just talking about the W2W gangway, either. We’re working on pro- ducing our own deck winches with electric motors ? tted to capture the normally wasted energy of rotation. In fact, anything that rotates creates energy and we want to give it back to the shipowner. But it’s only possible when every- thing is connected back to the power management system, and this is where we are going with integration.”

Joining Forces

To facilitate Integrated Vessel Concepts, Kongsberg is further developing its scope of supply to the global ship- building industry with focus on electrical systems includ- ing switchboards and drives. Electrical systems will be fully integrated with on board technology, ensuring optimal power consumption for dynamic vessel operations. With integration between disparate systems, distributed power management, data sharing on board and ashore can be sig- ni? cantly improved, facilitating enhanced decision mak- ing across the operational chain.

Kongsberg is actively developing existing partnerships and creating new partnerships with industry leaders to fa- cilitate its new energy and engineering innovations. Since the launch of its integration strategy in August, Kongsberg has already secured partnerships with Siemens on Variable

Frequency Drives and Schneider Electric for switchboards and related systems for offshore and maritime vessels. The company’s work in EIT projects forms the basis of its ex- panded energy focused product line, which will be further developed and integrated with more recognizable Kongs- berg technology for automation and operations under the

Integration Strategy.

“Our approach to integration goes deep. We have stud- ied in-depth how different vessels operate to understand how the uni? cation of on board technologies can change how we think about and conduct maritime operations at every level,” concludes Tati.

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