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OFFSHORE: TECHNOLOGY solutions, for all vessels and all power sources, from conven- tional fuels to battery, hybrid and LNG,” he adds.

Other core technology aspects include advanced han- dling solutions with integrated control and energy man- agement. Kongsberg’s truly automated heave compensat- ing, high precision and energy ef? cient handling solutions support better productivity, reduce costs and improve safety and security for the most demanding handling tasks.

Integrated with energy systems, automation and dynamic positioning, maritime handling operations may become even safer and more cost effective.

Handling solutions within the Integration Strategy are designed with the unique principles of utilizing energy from rotating equipment to optimize and regenerate power that reduces energy utilization. The integration of automa- tion with the dynamics of the vessel operations enhances productivity and reduces human error.

Though purposely designed for a broad range of vessel

Such an integrated network provides enhanced ? eet man- types and customizable to speci? c requirements, several agement, enabled by increased connectivity, data capture speci? c new systems have already been developed for use and analysis in addition to continual control and measure- within Kongsberg’s Integrated Vessel Concepts. These in- ment, with information now available on a single integrat- clude for the ? rst time, the vessel dynamics integrated into ed platform supporting ef? cient planning, execution and the power management layer, providing a new concept for decision making. Essentially, integration delivers a uni? ed Energy Control. Integrating all elements of the power plant platform helping better resource utilization, sharing and to the energy control layer and distributing control func- task management.

tions closer to the consumers with fast acting sensors, rede- ? nes, according to the company, the de? nition of ef? ciency.

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Dynamic Load prediction (DLP) – a new Dynamic Po- “Through integration, energy management becomes en- sitioning (DP) system to predict power usage for a vessel’s ergy control,” says Tati. Kongsberg has developed new tech- thrusters, Dynamic Inertia Control (DIC) and Dynamic nical energy solutions that it says work in harmony with Supervision & Control (DSC) are some of the new features dynamic operation environments to monitor, manage and enhancing energy control for DP operations. Solutions for optimize energy use. “The result in addition to optimal en- power plant optimization include power regeneration us- ergy utilization is reduced impact of maritime operations ing permanent magnetic electric motors for rotating equip- on the environments and a move towards maintenance free ment and enhanced battery solutions for peak shaving and

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