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All in a Day’s Walk

Just over the horizon, a new ‘Integration Strategy’ promises offshore safety and ef? ciencies. Kongsberg’s Walk-to-Work technology is just the beginning.

Edited by Joseph Keefe aritime technology has come on in leaps and

Integration bounds since the turn of the century. We have the

At the Offshore North Seas (ONS) exhibition in Stavan- technology to keep an offshore support vessel on ger this Summer, Kongsberg Maritime announced that it

M station within a 0.5-meter radius, even in the most severe had implemented a new strategy to integrate its energy, weather conditions and sea states. We have the technology handling and operational technology solutions to create to manage power output, and control drives and thrust- a new portfolio of ‘Integrated Vessel Concepts.’ Through ers to the ‘nth’ degree, providing safety and reliability for this will come a new integrated platform to enable solu- all ship handling operations. And we have the technology tions that network seamlessly to provide tangible bene? ts to deliver gigabytes of data to shore without paying for a with ef? cient operations on vessels and ashore. helicopter or a mid-ocean drop off of hard drives or DVDs.

According to Srinivas Tati, VP Business Development

So, what’s next? Arguably, the ‘big’ topic is unmanned at Kongsberg Maritime, this is the next step in their Full vessels. And while Norway headquartered maritime tech-

Picture strategy, which already sees the company offering nology ? rm Kongsberg Maritime is involved in this future systems for all areas of a vessel’s operations. “By making looking development through initiatives like AUTOSEA our disparate systems more interoperable, amazing opera- and the October opening of the world’s ? rst test bed for tional ef? ciencies can be achieved. Integration can deliver autonomous vessels, it also has its sights set on something signi? cant fuel savings. It can streamline speci? c vessel op- more in the ‘now’.

erations, enabling more work to be carried out in a day. It

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