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Louisiana Cat is Region’s ? rst Gold Level Dealer

Louisiana Cat is the ? rst Caterpillar

Dealership in the Americas to reach all requirements for training and technical sales and support to be- come a Gold level dealer for the full line of Cat Propulsion equipment.

Signal Mate’s Intelligent

Sherwin-Williams High-Solids,

Expansion of the entire marine pro-

LED Navigation Lights

High-Gloss Polysiloxane Coating pulsion system package maximizes

Signal Mate Certi? ed UL1104 Delivering long-term asset protection uptime, while reducing operating

LED navigation lights comply with in the most aggressive service condi- costs for offshore platform service

Sub Chapter M and IMO Resolu- tions, Sherwin-Williams Protective and towing vessels, inland vessels, tion MSC 253 (83). Signal Mate & Marine Coatings’ Sher-Loxane and governmental vessels.

Monitors LED intensity to ensure 800 is a versatile, high-performance

COLREGs nautical mile visibil- polysiloxane coating that offers en- ity requirement is maintained for a hanced durability and aesthetics, lifespan of 50,000 hours before re- as well as cost savings. Sher-Loxane placement as other manufacturers 800 provides a high-gloss ? nish to specify. Intelligent light communi- bridges, water tanks, structural steel, cates with switch panel to provide and many other steel surfaces in just light’s status and increase brightness two coats, reducing total operational during restricted visibility. costs for a better bottom line. www.SignalMate/commercial

Wiper Maintenance Keeps the View Unobstructed

Helmsmen need clear, unobstruct- ed views ahead. Preventive main- tenance of the wiper blades and mechanism helps avoid annoying

New Website for streaking, skipping and squeaking.

Advanced Polymer Coatings Schmitt & Ongaro offers simple tips

Advanced Polymer Coatings is roll- for keeping this important equip-

MOB Device Provides Imme- diate Alert for Fast Response ing out a new re-design of its cor- ment working in top form. Schmitt porate website to better re? ect the & Ongaro is known for innovative, Mariners know the life-threatening capabilities of its leading high per- high-quality marine equipment. It hazards of falling overboard, but may formance coatings brands, Marine- builds stainless steel and polyure- not consider how critical the recovery

Line and ChemLine. MarineLine thane steering wheels, wiper sys- window is, especially with a moving is a cargo tank coating protecting tems, horns and other parts. vessel. Compact and easily carried chemical and product tankers trans- on a PFD, the ALERT2 Man-Over- porting a wide range of chemicals. board Alarm System from Emerald

The newly designed web format of- Marine Products immediately sets fers viewer-friendly features, deliv- off a piercing audible alarm in the ering optimal viewing experience, wheelhouse upon immersion, and whether seen on desktop, laptop, can be wired to stop an engine and/ tablet/pad, or smartphone. or set waypoints on chartplotters. 104

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